Premix, sterile product (E. Ph.) of a high quality

Composition: 100 ml of the product contains:
Dietary additive– sugars: 40 g glucose, Technological additives – preservatives: 0,5 g, Carrier – water (moisture content: 73,9 g).

Glucose is the basic and most important energetic compound for most of organisms and it is a source of fast and easy assimilated monosaccharide as well as a substrate of most processes occurring in every cell of the body. After administration, glucose is immediately absorbed contributing the supplement energy deficiency. This helps the body to revitalising the life force, regenerate strength during effort and periods of weakness and exhaustion.

The product acts as an auxiliary in cases of weakness states and dehydration, carbohydrate deficiency, energy shortage, hypoglycaemia and incidentally in liver failure.

Recommendations for use and Dosage:
The product should be used in quantities which depend on the hydration level of the body, concentration of electrolytes in blood and total energy demand. The solution should be administered at room temperature.

Special precautions for storage and transportation:
Store below 25ºC in a dry and dark place. Protect from the light.

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