Complementary feed for horses, cattle, sheep, pigs

250 ml of product contains:
Feed materials:
calcium gluconate (11.1.13).
Feed additives:
technological additives – preservatives (1a): 2.5 g 1-butanol.
Analytical components:
crude protein – 0%, crude fiber – 0%, crude oils and fats – 0%, crude ash – 0%, lysine – 0 g, methionine – 0 g, calcium – 7.9 g, sodium – 0 g , magnesium – 0 g, phosphorus – 0 g. Vehicle: water (moisture content: 176.2 g).

Properties and action:
Calcium is the main component of bone, it also functions as the primary and secondary messenger for most of the body’s physiological activities at the cellular level. It is necessary in the process of blood clotting. The product is a sterile solution with a long-lasting calcium stability.

The use of the product is recommended in the case of calcium deficiency and metabolic disorders leading to hypocalcaemia.

Dosage and route of administration:
The product is used in drinking water in the amount of: horses, cows – 300 ml / animal; calves, goats, sheep – 30 ml / animal; pigs – 70 ml of sows, 15 ml of piglets. Administer the solution at room temperature.

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