two-component (A + B) complementary feed, sterile preparation (E. Ph.) With improved quality

Packaging A 800 ml of product contains: dietary supplements – trace elements: 2.82 g of sodium as NaCl; sensory additives – sweeteners: 33.3 g of glucose; carrier – water (moisture content) – 776.0 ml. Packaging B 200 ml of product contains: dietary supplements – trace elements: 1.92 g of sodium as NaHCO3; carrier – water (moisture content) – 197.0 ml.

The preparation is a sterile solution of sodium and glucose, with extended shelf Life. It allows to properly balance the demand for macroelements and energy in calves, kids and Lambs during the period of greatest demand. The macro elements contained in the preparation are necessary for the proper functioning of calves, kids and Lambs, and glucose provides the body with the necessary energy.

Use of the preparation is indicated in the case of sodium and glucose deficiencies in calves, kids and Lambs. Application: The product is used in drinking water in the amount of: calves – 1500–3000 ml / animal; kids, Lambs – 250–500 ml / animal. The solution should be administered slowly, it must be at room temperature.
NOTE: Packing A and package B should be used together.

Recommendations for proper use:
SHAKE BEFORE USE. For correct administration of the preparation, follow the information contained in this Label.

Special precautions for storage and transport:
Store below 25°C in sealed packages. Protect from Light.

Pack size:
800 ml (opak. A) + 200 ml (opak. B).

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