Complementary feed

1 litres of the product contains:
Feed materials:
propylene glycol (13.11.1), glycerine 99,5% (13.8.2).
Feed additives:
dietary additives – vitamins (3a): vitamin B2 (riboflavin‑Na) – 0,4 g; sensory additives – aromatic substances (2b): garlic glycolic extract – 200,0 g, ginseng glycolic extract – 50,0 g, Echinacea root extract – 50,0 g.
analytical constituents: sodium – 0g, magnesium – 0 g, phosphorus – 0 g, calcium – 0 g, lysine – 0 g, methionine – 0 g, crude protein – 0%, crude oils and fats– 0%, crude ash – 0%, crude fibre – 0%. Carrier – water (moisture content: 79,6g).

Active substances of natural ingredients contained in the product have positive influence on metabolic processes occurring in the body.

The product is supposed to be administered in drinking water. It is applied for supportive treatment in all species and production groups of poultry and pigs during low immunity period.

Dosage and administration route:
the product should be used in the amount of 500 ml/1000 litres of drinking water for 12 hours every day during 3-7 days.

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