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1 Liter of product contains: Feed materials: propylene glycol (13.11.1), glucose (13.2.2). Feed additives: dietary supplements – vitamins (3a): 5.3 g of vitamin B1 (thiamine), 5.3 g of vitamin B2 (Na-riboflavin), 10.2 g of vitamin B5 (calcium pantothenate), 2.0 g of vitamin B6 ( pyridoxine 3a831), 326.4 μg of vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), 40.8 g of vitamin PP (nicotinamide 3a315); technological additives – preservatives: 0.5 g of sodium benzoate (E211). Analytical components: sodium – 0 g, magnesium – 0 g, phosphorus – 0 g, calcium – 0 g, Lysine – 0 g, methionine – 0 g, crude protein – 0%, crude oils and fats – 0%, crude ash – 0%, crude fiber – 0%. Carrier – water (moisture content – 945.0 g).

Type and size of container:
PET bottle of 100 ml with a PE cap. Bottle of 1 L with a PE cap. Canister of 5 L with a PE cap. Canister of 25 L witha cap.

Properties and action:
The product contains a complex of vitamins B and glucose. These vitamins play a very important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They are also necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system, epithelial tissue and muscles. Indications: This preparation is given in the deficiency of B vitamins, in the period of intensive growth and development, in the case of disorders of the nervous system, Lowering of hatching indexes, disorders in plumage, in the case of cannibalism, during antibiotic treatment, as well as in various types stressful situations.

Dosage and route of administration:
The preparation is used in drinking water for all animal species in the amount: horses and cattle – 2.5–5 ml / day / animal; calves, foals – 2.5 ml / day / animal; fatteners, pregnant and suckling sows – 4 ml / day / animal; piglets, sheep, goats – 1.25 ml / day / animal; poultry 2.5 ml / 10 Liters of drinking water (1 Liter per 4000 Liters of water).

Recommendations for correct application:

Special precautions for storage and transport:
Store below 25°C in sealed packages. Protect from Light.

Pack size:
100 ml, 1L, 5L, 25L

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