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100 g contains: Feed materials: vegetable carbon (7.13.1), calcium carbonate (11.1.1). Feed additives: dietary supplements – trace elements (3b): 24.1 g of E6 zinc (in the form of zinc oxide); technological additives (1): 49.5 g montmorillonite bentonite (E558). Analytical components: sodium – 0 g, magnesium – 0 g, phosphorus – 0 g, calcium – 0.2 g, Lysine – 0 g, methionine – 0 g, crude protein – 0%, crude oils and fats – 0%, ash raw – 0%, crude fiber – 20%.

Type and size of packaging:
PET / Aluminum / PE bag containing 1 kg or 5 kg of product.

Properties and action:
Farmatox Carbo Zn contains binders, astringents and protective substances on the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, thanks to which it stabilizes physiological digestive functions. The mixture counteracts gastrointestinal dysfunctions, Limits excessive peristalsis, binds intestinal gases, putrefactive fermentation products, possible bacterial and fungal toxins found in the fodder. It also binds excess ammonia, affecting the improvement of zoohygienic conditions in farm buildings. The zinc contained in the preparation activates metabolic processes, stimulates the synthesis of hormones, nucleic acids, enzymes, stimulates the taste and smell receptors. As a consequence, it improves the use of fodder.

Farmatox Carbo Zn is used in case of danger, during and after digestive disorders. It can be used to improve digestibility as well as to activate metabolic processes. It can be used to improve peristalsis of the digestive tract with Loose stools. The mixture prevents caking of feed, mold and fermentation.

Dosage and route of administration:
0.4 kg of the mixture per 1 ton of feed, which corresponding to 0.04% of the preparation in a complete compound feed. If there is a risk of digestive disorders, during and after digestive disorders, use the mixture for 2–4 weeks.

Recommendations for proper administration:
Mix before use.

Special precautions for storage and transport:
Store below 25ºC. Protect from Light and moisture. Store in closed packaging.

Pack size:
1kg, 5 kg

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