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The Pharmaceutical Company Okoniewscy was founded in 1990. The head office is located in the heart of Europe – in Lower Silesia in Bielawa.
The main sectors of our activity include:

  • production of veterinary preparations,
  • production of dental preparations,
  • production of pharmaceutical preparations,
  • laboratory tests.

We have our own production lines, modern laboratories: chemical and accredited microbiological laboratory. Thanks to this, the entire production process takes place in our company.

The medicine wholesaler is located in Wielkopolska in the town of Gołuchów.
Our products are distributed by sales representatives throughout Poland.
We also cooperate with foreign companies from: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Belarus, Romania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Russia, Pakistan, Qatar, Libya and Algeria.

We make every effort to ensure that our products have the highest quality. Each substance used for production is thoroughly analysed in our chemical laboratory that has specialist equipment, such as: IR Spectrophotometer, MS Spectrometer, HPLC. Thanks to funding acquired from EU, we managed to purchase a particulate analyser. This device allows us to study, using laser diffraction, the dissolution time of a tablet in a given solvent.

The high quality of our products is our priority. To achieve this, we systematically introduce the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Our medical devices are manufactured according to the international CE procedure.

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